What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels also referred to as sound absorption panels, soundproof panels or sound panels, are sound-absorbing fabric-wrapped boards designed to effectively control echo and reduce ambient sounds and reverberation in a room and are generally used to resolve ambient sound-related issues in commercial projects. Most of the panels are constructed with a wooden frame, filled with sound absorption material (mineral wool, fiberglass, cellulose, open-cell foam, or combination) and wrapped with fabric.

How many acoustic panels are required for my room?

We are online 24/7, seven days a week, to find the correct answer for any room. Our agents will crunch the numbers when you provide us with information about the room dimensions and surfaces.

Does this product have a fire rating?

All components utilized in constructing our acoustic wall panels meet a Class A 1 rating as tested per ASTM E-84. This is the highest and safest fire rating possible for building materials.

Is there a recommended space between panels? Is it a problem if there's too much spacing between the panels?

No, as long as you have sufficient acoustic panels and achieve the minimum recommended coverage, the distance between panels doesn’t matter.

Where should I mount the acoustic panels in the room? What's the ideal configuration?

In general, it’s recommended to disperse the panels throughout the room as evenly as possible.